Carpet installation


What to expect from your professional carpet installation:

When to install new carpeting
Even with regular professional cleanings, carpeting should be replaced every eight years on average. Homeowners generally choose to upgrade their carpeting after it begins to show irreversible signs of wear, such as stains, damage and odors. You may want to upgrade as part of any larger interior renovations or room redecorating.

Why choose Patina Studios:
Choose from our extensive selection of carpet styles and shades from leading brands including Mohawk, Phenix, Shaw, Karastan, Dreamweaver, & Southwind. We have products priced to fit any budget, many of which are easy to clean and stain-resistant. Waterproof and pet-proof varieties can better withstand excess foot traffic and spills. Visit our showroom in York, NE, or browse online to see our assortment of carpeting solutions.

We also offer trusted installation services tailored to your schedule. Our team is staffed with experts in their trade.

The measure appointment
Once you’ve chosen your carpet, we’ll work with your schedule to set up an in-home measurement. During this appointment, a member of the Patina Studios team will arrive to measure the installation areas & provide cost estimates to ensure you order the right amount of product for the project.

Preparing for the installation
We’ll need to remove all furniture from the installation areas. Our professionals can remove larger pieces of furniture, like sofas, dressers, tables & beds. Oversized or fragile items may require special consideration in advance.

You must remove your smaller possessions, such as glass, china, electronics, lamps & wall hangings, before your carpet installation appointment. You should also clear out closets and empty furnishings bookcases and cabinets.

During the installation
On installation day, we’ll arrive with your new carpet. Ensure that an adult member of your household is home to greet the team.

Expect the installation process to create noise and debris. For everyone’s safety, keep small children and pets in another area of the home while the job is in process.

Removal and post-installation care
When your carpet installation is complete, our professionals will clean up the excess debris and remove the old carpet from your home. To preserve your new carpet, we recommend regular professional cleanings, which may be required to maintain your warranty.



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