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Allow us to help with your new countertops

Isn’t a kitchen construct or remodel an exciting opportunity? No matter how large or small, new countertops are always a hit, even if they’re the only new piece you’re installing. The good news is, you can choose from options that are so affordable, they don’t have to be the only new install. Add hardware, accents, a new backsplash and so much more, because it’s easy when you have help.

At Patina Studios, you have a friend in the business. Your new materials are only as far away as our York, NE showroom, where you can visit anytime. There you’ll not only find a great variety of flooring materials, but you’ll also have a variety of service professionals at your disposal. Let us know exactly what you want or are looking for, and we’ll do the work of matching you up with the perfect materials and services. For those in Benedict and York, it’s a service we’re happy to provide and look forward to your visiting us for more information.

Countertops are the center of your kitchen

Countertops are just as important in the bathroom, but when it comes right down to it, they are the center of your kitchen in both appearance and functionality. They can set the stage, with stunning decor elements, while also serving very important purposes as well. For instance, certain materials such as granite and other types of stone offer excellent heat resistance. That means you can place pots directly from the stove onto your counters and know they won’t burn. And that’s not where their benefits stop.

When you allow us to help you with your new countertop projects, we’ll start by getting to know exactly how your kitchen functions, how you want it to look, and what we can do to make sure the finished product is exactly as you’ve dreamed it would be. Add space, make necessary items easier to reach, or just add more room to the areas where you’ll be preparing your food. Countertops are also a great place to do homework, write a letter, or do crafts. It’s really all your world and we’re there to help make it even better.

Countertops can be as stunning or as camouflaged as you want them to be. The most important thing, however, is that they do exactly what you need them to do. And our service professionals help you figure out exactly how to do that.