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Director of Client Fulfillment


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Key Results Areas
1. Meet or exceed customer fulfillment expectations for quality, schedule, and communication
2. Complete projects within budget and on time.
3. Ensure that client fulfillment does not restrict sales ability.
- Adhere to expectations for communication with customers.
- Manage schedule for installers satisfy both the customer and the installer expectations
- Assemble paperwork and information for installers to facilitate projects
- Update reporting and tracking tools to keep the team current on project status.
- Keep installers accountable to their committed schedule
- Organize products and materials so everything is available for installations to go smoothly
- Know the budget for all projects, fulfill the projects within budget, and exercise clear change orders when it becomes clear that the budget needs to change.
- Resolve challenges on projects with a can-do attitude in a way that minimizes the shortcoming and maximizes the possibilities.
- Manage and submit reconciliation paperwork upon project completion.
- Develop new installer relationships to secure installation schedules and budgets
- Work with purchasing manager and warehouse manager to track product flow
Skillsets and character traits
- As the Director of Client Fulfillment you will be annoyingly organized and have a keen attention to every detail, but also will have the ability to talk to customers and installers in a way that they know they are important.
- The first impression sets the stage, but the memory created by this position is what will stay with our customers and be passed onto potential future customers.
- This individual also needs to have a strong desire to serve others. Installers have many needs that will keep them working efficiently. Clients have desires and needs that make their dream projects come to reality. Your task is to make sure they are more excited when the job is done when they first contacted us.

Who do you work for

This position will report to the CEO but will work for the installers and the customers. If the installers and the customers are happy the CEO will be happy.
Director of Client Fulfillment position at Patina Studios in York, NE