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Let carpet be the star of your remodel

Remodeling can be an arduous process if you’re not prepared, but researching carpet could be a great way to get started. This material offers an amazing underfoot feel, a gorgeous array of solid colors and designs, and excellent durability and lifespan. It’s easy to match just about any decor, with lots of options, and it’s the perfect material for many rooms throughout your home. Don’t miss the opportunity to choose the best flooring for your requirements.

Patina Studios is proud to provide materials and services that are geared toward our customer’s 100% satisfaction. Come visit our York, NE showroom to browse an excellent selection of floor coverings, with something for every need and budget. From there, we service the areas of York, Stromsburg, Utica, Aurora, and McCool Junction, NE. From design consultation, product installation, and aftercare, we’re your one-stop shop for all your remodeling needs.

Carpet offers a great variety of options

When you choose carpet flooring for your home, whether new construction or a remodel, you’ll find it likely fits all your needs and requirements for a variety of spaces. In living rooms and entryways, for instance, this material not only looks amazing, but it welcomes your guests into your home. The soft underfoot elegance is a welcome from the outside, and whatever colors and designs you choose only add to the ambiance that you’ve created.

For decor element matching, you’ll find an excellent selection of options. From solid colors to amazing designs, even the fiber choice can play a part in the overall look of your floors. Fiber plays a huge role in the durability and longevity of your flooring too. If your home is active and busy, you’ll want something that stands up to the everyday wear it’s going to be experiencing. Nylon and polyester do an excellent job, while fibers such as wool should be reserved for areas with less traffic and no chance for moisture or spills.

It should be noted that carpet should only be installed by qualified professional installers. With this material, one single piece often covers a wall to wall space, meaning one wrong cut could mess everything up. There are also specialized tools necessary, especially if you’re having this material installed on stairs, and a great deal of expertise is beneficial. For more information on a flawless professional installation, be sure to speak with our associates at Patina Studios who are standing by to assist you.

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