The difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles could matter

We are often asked if there’s a difference between porcelain and ceramic, and the truth is that there are some differences. They don't affect every homeowner, but it can be helpful to know what the variations are, so we're going to share those with you briefly. Read along to find out more about what might change things when choosing your tile flooring.

Not all tile flooring is the same

One of the primary differences in porcelain tile is that porcelain is a bit denser and harder than ceramic, which means it offers more resistance to chips, cracks, and scratches and offers a little more water resistance. That’s why porcelain is so often used in bathroom and foyer applications and offers exceptional performance in kitchens as well. However, both tile flooring options are a great choice in any room, especially if you’re working with a dedicated flooring specialist for your flooring.

While porcelain is a little harder than ceramic, both offer outstanding performance, even under pressure. It’s a perfect choice for even your busiest areas and can resist most signs of wear, even if you have pets or children in the home. To protect the floors and make them last even longer, you can add a few well-placed runners or area rugs for additional protection.

Our technicians are exact with measurements and cutting for the best installation process, offering the best service possible until each tile is in place. If you have any questions about ceramic and porcelain tiles, we'll answer them and tell you precisely what you can expect. So, visit us whenever you're in the area to learn everything you need to know about these floors.

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