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Choosing ceramic & porcelain for your flooring needs

If you’ve wondered what a good replacement flooring would be for your next project, you might want to consider all that ceramic & porcelain tiles can do for you. They meet an exceptional variety of needs and preferences and stand out in both durability and lifespan. For those with a keen eye for design, these materials can play a great role in customized decor elements, while other benefits will make you glad you decided to choose tile.

Patina Studios has an excellent selection of floor coverings here at our York, NE showroom. We take the time to carefully match each of our customers with the materials and services that best meet their needs. If you’re in the areas of York, Stromsburg, Utica, Aurora, or McCool Junction, NE, and have a flooring project ready, be sure to visit us and speak to one of our flooring professionals right away. We’ll be happy to assess your need, consider your preferences, and get you on the way to your dream floors.

Ceramic & porcelain that meets all your needs

The area of decor matching is one of the biggest concerns when choosing a new floor covering. The good news is, ceramic & porcelain give you so many options to choose from, you won’t have any problems at all matching every element of your interior design. Get a breathtaking rustic look with all natural looking porcelain, or take your artistic clout to the edge with brightly glazed ceramic. Tiles can even be cut to any size or proportion, even down to the size of a postage stamp, so that your every decor need can be met.

Ceramic & porcelain have excellent resistance to water, which means it’s perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and foyers. Anywhere you prefer not to worry about possible water damage is a viable placement for these materials. In fact, going wall to wall with these tiles has never been a bad idea. Those with pets or children will be most likely to agree with that statement, for obvious reasons, and we’re here to help take care of that.

Due to the dense, hard nature of ceramic & porcelain tile, it’s best to choose a professional installation team to perform your installation. In addition to needing special tools for cutting materials this hard, our installers are trained and experienced, offering you the very best service possible, whether in a new construction or a lengthy remodel.

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