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Waterproof flooring is an impressive floor covering that offers complete imperviousness to water and adds many other superb benefits. With gorgeous visuals, you’ll find the perfect décor match with additional protection from daily wear. If you've been searching for the ideal materials for your home, read along here to find out whether these options might be just what you've wanted all along.

Waterproof floors that do it all

When you choose waterproof vinyl flooring, you’ll find that the product line genuinely offers something for every homeowner. Whether you’re flooring a basement or a living room, you’ll find products that work in each one, with absolutely stunning results. A gorgeous visual appeal offers looks that match any décor scheme, including products that mimic natural stone, wood, and tile, but you have many other designs and styles to choose from as well.

Waterproof flooring also comes with fantastic durability, including a functional profile available as a layered construction, with a top wear layer that resists scratches, scuffs, scrapes, and stains. The core component ensures you'll never have to worry about peeling, warping, or buckling, or any other kind of water damage results either. You will have the peace of mind you’ve always deserved by choosing luxury vinyl materials for every room.

Waterproof vinyl flooring is easy to install and just as easy to maintain. The installation process is usually completed in a day or less, and you can walk on the floors as soon as we're done. You can keep them looking as new as the day you bought them with just a bit of regular care and maintenance, and we can tell you even more about it.

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Patina Studios offers impressive materials that are sure to meet your needs, no matter how large or small your project. Our associates are ready to work on flooring every room in your home, even if the conditions might be a bit different. As you spend time discussing your flooring requirements and preferences, we'll ensure your most successful results and so much more.

If you live in York, NE, Stromsburg, NE, McCool, NE, or Waco, NE, we hope you’ll visit us at our showroom in York, NE any time you’re in the area. We’re ready to help you browse our waterproof flooring inventory for materials that are perfect for your home, drawing on years of experience to recommend only products that work. Be sure to ask about our waterproof and water-resistant flooring for the best floors.