Luxury vinyl installation


What to expect from your professional luxury vinyl flooring installation:

Before installation:
Before any work begins, we’ll measure your room to determine exactly how much flooring will be required. Note that any room in which a flooring installation will be taking place should be off limits to you and your family until the installation is complete.

Some luxury vinyl products will be ready to install as soon as you bring them home. Other products may need to acclimate, sitting somewhere inside your home for several days to adjust to your home’s climate. If acclimation is necessary, we’ll consult with you on proper procedure.

We’ll need to move any furniture out of the installation room and possibly hire a third party to assist in moving any heavy appliances or electrical devices that may need to be disconnected and reconnected. All of this can be determined before installation is scheduled.

During installation:
Luxury vinyl can be installed over most pre-existing surfaces, but we may need to remove & dispose of the old flooring to accommodate for doors and transitions between rooms. We’ll remove any molding and baseboard before installing your luxury vinyl. It’s not uncommon to have to patch and repaint these before reinstalling.

Your luxury vinyl installation will be rather noisy. Expect a small amount of dust to collect as the flooring is installed.

After installation:
Once the installation is complete, we may advise you to stay off your newly installed floor for a small amount of time to allow any adhesives to set. As you move your furniture back into your newly resurfaced room, consider attaching felt to the bottoms chair and table legs to minimize scratches & dents. Test any appliances that were moved during the installation process to ensure there are no leaks or electrical problems that could damage your beautiful new floor.




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